BRULA modular draft bricks

It is quick and safe to build ceramic reheating surfaces!

The masonry on the flue gas drafts and the construction of the firebox are the most costly items to build. Often, concessions have to be made in terms of the creative shape of a stove because it would otherwise prove too expensive to construct an appropriate stove interior. Now, BRULA modular draft bricks offer a solution to this. With just a few different components, virtually all drafts can be constructed quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Every element fits the one(s) next to it, the cross section is right, and the system is self-supporting. Who then could possibly wish to struggle with individual chamotte slabs and spend their valuable time with a masonry saw?

Why use modular draft bricks for ceramic flues?

We wish you to be able to build heated stove benches, back walls or even seating surfaces and reclining surfaces cost-effectively in the shortest possible time, with real latitude for your own design ideas, economically and safely. Our patented modular draft system therefore only comprises a small number of differently shaped bricks.


Modular draft corner brick


Modular draft intermediate brick


Your plus points

+ All elements are internally rounded to enable the hot flue drafts to be drawn efficiently into the chimney.

+ The outside faces of these bricks are smooth and right-angled to enable an even body to be constructed.

+ The modular draft bricks are heavy and have a 38 mm wall thickness to ensure that hot flue gases are sure to be used to the full for long-term storage heating.

+ All bricks also feature a good fit to enable the flues to stand unsupported when built, i.e. to cut down on the handiwork needed, regardless of whether the flue is horizontal or vertical.

+ The modular draft bricks have system dimensions to enable all bricks to be assembled where possible without the need for cutting, just like a modular system should perform.

+ We have developed a connection module to prevent you having to 'fumble around' for ages. Instead, all you have to do is to install the flue support journal made of cast iron.

+ The flashover slot is also pre-shaped.

+ There are even modular draft bricks shaped as round wedges that enable you to integrate flues with our modular system, even in round stove shapes.