Stove plasters

How to plaster your stove without burning a hole in your wallet.

BRULA plasters are mature products, some of which have been in circulation for decades. Nonetheless, the choice of plaster coating is always a tough call. Applying too thin or too thick a coating without reinforcement or an appropriate substrate (e.g. BRULA waffle bricks) can quickly give rise to cracks in a stove.

To avoid this, please follow our processing guidelines. As a substrate, we recommend that you start by building masonry, using BRULA waffle bricks - these provide the optimum adhesive bonding surface for the plaster, and also separate the interior of the stove from its exterior (no tension cracks).


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Ecologically certified plasters for a healthy room climate

Due to the passion for energy saving measures on buildings, which include better levels of insulation, our residential living spaces are becoming ever more self-contained, i.e. hermetically sealed. As a consequence, the exchange of air between residential interiors and the outside world, in modern low-energy houses, is now often less than ten percent of what it is on much older buildings.  This in turn means that interior room air is subject to 5 times the pollutant burden of fresh air. The most frequently encountered pollutants are formaldehydes, volatile organic substances and any amount of chemical substances contained in paints and building materials as 'additives'.

To achieve safe levels here, we here at Brula (and not only ourselves) adopt a consistently ecological approach with our plaster products. For example, our natural white stove plasters are submitted for testing by the Eco-Institute in Cologne [Eco-Institut Köln]. In an emission test conducted in a test chamber, raw materials and additive mixtures are examined for volatile organic compounds and for the presence of formaldehyde. All of our products passed this test successfully and obtained certification to this effect. The fact that our products perform very well in ecological balance terms right across the value-added chain is demonstrated by the environment declaration defined by ISO 1405, issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (Germany's 'building and environment institute'). Brula plasters do not contain any plastics or fibres, and they can be applied in a single operation.


Your plus points

+ White plaster with a genuine Carrara granulate

+ Optimum heat-resistant surfaces for stoves

+ Grey plaster can be used for plastering or for masonry

+ Very good processing characteristics

+ BRULA cement plaster (stucco) is now also available, with immediate effect, in 10 kg bags!