Individual fireboxes and combustion chambers


10 bricks, a galaxy of options. It really is as easy as this to use firebox bricks.

BRULA firebox bricks are carefully considered, all the way from A to Z. With just 10 elements, countless fireplace shapes can be created. All of which is very simple with the tongue and groove system. In addition, there is also scope for using clips. The wall is 62.5 mm thick. The internal architecture is completely rounded, which eliminates any 'dead' corners where soot might accumulate. We have therefore placed great emphasis on optimising the combustion characteristics. The burn-out aperture is suitable for BRULA modular draft bricks. The insertion of ceramic insert wedges provides the combustion chamber with great stability. This enables you to construct vertical and horizontal fireplaces in almost no time at all.


Bricks for horizontal and vertical fireplaces


Your plus points

+ Only 10 elements for countless fireboxes
+ For horizontal and vertical fireplaces
+ Quick and safe to build
+ Also suitable for round and cylindrical stove shapes