Designer stove doors for the basic stove

Attractive stove doors - make this 'theatre of living flame' into a real visual experience.

These stove doors frame this theatrical event without themselves being visually prominent. The slimline frame exerts dignified reticence, and the pane of glass is simply held in place between narrow metal strips, one at the top and one at the bottom. The handle also exhibits timeless minimalist chic. Today, this is what a contemporary stove door should look like. In our opinion.

Self-closing with Smart Close system

 Double pane is standard on all stove doors.

Smart Close - the intelligent closing system with lasting press-in Technology:

  • First-class standard of finish.
  • Robust version.
  • Reduced to its essentials.
  • Stylistically clean lines, right down to the level of detail.

Basic stove doors GT-A

For round basic stove doors, please visit the Spartherm website for more Information.


GT & GTR basic stove doors

Many further developments and improvements are incorporated in the new BRULA stove doors. Starting with the elegant stainless steel handle, continuing with the simplified system for converting from a left-opening to a right-opening door, and by no means ending with the sill on the glass frame, now 2-3 mm thicker. 

All stove doors are supplied as self-closing, in acc. with design 1. The new design of airflow guidance to keep the view pane clean delivers even longer viewing pleasure of the living fire experience, while the new ultra-heat-resistant paints help to create robust door surfaces. The steel brackets also provide versatile installation options for the BRULA doors (cast iron brackets available on request!). Primary air control is provided by the different ratchet settings for the door handle.

(Kopie 4)


Other stove doors

Baking oven door BT 2

The Brula baking stove door BT 2 is made of steel plate. Equipped with a double-glazed view pane and air slide valve.

  • Colour: black
  • Stop on right (not changeable)

Your plus points

+ Many different dimensions (special dimensions are possible!)
+ In black, stainless steel or chrome-plated
+ All doors with or without air slide valve
+ Easy to change over from left to right-opening in a few simple steps
+ Now also available as radius doors!
+ Combustion air supply from outside!
+ Best basic oven combustion for 'passive houses'!
+ Simple to install!