Stove planning for the tiled stove and air-heating professional - service from Brula

For the professional tradesman, there are situations where there simply is not enough time, or where the muse for individual stove or chimney planning is absent.  This is where the planning service of this Allgäu-based company can assist. With immediate effect, stove professionals can make use of this expert service for individual stove planning projects. At Brula, we are uncompromising in our quest to learn precisely what tiled stove and fireplace builders want to achieve, and of course, we do our utmost to meet the aims and wishes of end customers.

The procedure involved here could not be simpler. Once someone informs Brula in brief terms of roughly how the future tiled stove, basic stove or fireplace insert should look, the folk in the Allgäu busy themselves with all the rest. At the end of the day, the Brula product range offers everything you could possibly need for the construction of contemporary tiled stoves, basic stoves and fireplace inserts - from the combustion technology through to the bench seat. The planning documents that are then provided deliver perspective to photo-realism standards, with the outline drawing, front view and plan view, all with their corresponding dimensions. List of parts and materials for Brula products (including all purchase prices).

Even the desired supplier for the tiles is taken into account.