Data protection declaration to protect your details

Brula GmbH does its utmost to safeguard the confidentiality and accuracy of your personal details and to protect this data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, tampering or destruction. Please read this data protection declaration carefully to understand how we act with your personal details when you use our Website.

When you use our website, you express your consent to the provisions of this data protection declaration. If you do not agree to these provisions, then we would ask you not to divulge any personal details on our website.

The provisions of this data protection declaration may change from time to time. Please therefore check the current status of this data protection declaration each time before you decide to communicate your personal details to us over this website.  If you then continue to use the Brula website, once we have made changes to this data protection declaration, we then assume that you agree to these changes.

Collecting and using personal details

Brula wishes to give you the best possible level of control over data of this nature, that can be assigned to you personally ('personal details'). In all cases, you can visit our website without disclosing your identity, and without communicating personal details to us.

However, it may prove necessary for us to obtain these details from you. This arises, for example, whenever you ask us to send you information, or when you wish to learn more from us about our products and services. We shall only ever use these personal details to meet your wishes, and to respond to your questions about our products or about our online services. Data of this nature is always stored at the head office location of our company. With due reference to the provisions arising from this data protection declaration, these personal details can be exchanged for purely internal purposes with other companies in the Brula Group, but only ever as and when necessary in order to satisfy the purpose that prompted you to communicate your personal details to us.

We can use also this data, if you so wish, to keep you informed on a regular basis of the products and services of Brula, and to draw your attention to specific product offerings. Should you at some later date no longer be willing for us to use your data in this way, please notify us in writing at the address provided, or send an e-mail to  fehr(at)

Which data is saved?

Whenever a file is requested from our website, the following access data is saved:

The web page from which the file was requested, the name of the file, the date and time, the volume of data, the access status (file transmitted, file not found etc.), a description of the type of web browser used and the IP address of the computer from which the enquiry originated.

The saved data is only evaluated for internal statistical purposes. Personal or business details (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) submitted in an entirely voluntary manner to our website are never communicated to third parties, unless these is unavoidable in the course of the contractual fulfillment of a service.

Recording and usage of non-personal data

Our website automatically saves some non-personal details about the usage of our website. We collect non-personal details of this kind solely on a collective basis, i.e. in respect of the totality of all users on our website. This collective data is then used for internal purposes and it helps us to improve the quality of our website, and to further simplify the way our website can be used in future. We never make any connection between this non-personal data and the personal details communicated to us by yourselves. The collective data is always stored on servers in Germany belonging to our company. As part of this in-house usage, this data may be exchanged with other companies in the Brula Group, although this is always based on the provisions of this data protection declaration.

If you access our website, we also automatically save a small piece of software code (known as a 'cookie') on your PC. This cookie saves a few items of information about the usage of our website, but it does not save any data that would enable us to identify you personally. Most Internet browsers provide the facility to prohibit the placing of cookies. Please check the Help function in your browser software if you do not wish to save the cookie.

How personal details are protected

Brula takes all available measures to protect your personal details. We use technologies and control procedures such as access control procedures, firewall and physical protection measures.  These technologies and procedures increase the level of protection and the confidentiality of data traffic to, from and within our Website.

We also protect personal details from unauthorised access. Access to personal details is only permitted to employees or contractors of Brula who carry out appropriately limited tasks, and who are expressly bound by the principle of non-disclosure. Employees who violate these access guidelines will face sanctions based on employment legislation and may even face termination of employment.

In accordance with German legislative provisions (BDSG), Brula GmbH has appointed a data protection officer. If you have any questions relating to the processing of your personal details, you can contact our data protection officer directly.